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FAQ before Selling Home

home for saleSelling a home is one way to get money in large quantities. This is because the home is a valuable asset and investment that has a sales value that can hold up over time. Of course this must be balanced with the condition of the house is still habitable and or have added value than ever before. For example, when buying or building a house there is no swimming pool and when selling the existing pool and garden, home prices will certainly increase many times more than the previous price.

Btw, if you plan to sell your home in the near future? If so, think about it carefully and answer the following questions:

What is the selling price of homes targeted?

You have to be realistic answer this question. The point is that the selling price of your home should be adapted to the conditions of your own home at this time. For example, the condition of your house is small and not well maintained, it is unlikely it if you sell it for billions of rupiah, which no one wants. Conversely, if your home is terraced and has a swimming pool, gardens and sports facilities, is not wrong if you target price reaches billions of rupiah, especially strategic location of the house. For that, check the condition of the house first, and repair if any part of the house is damaged. By doing so, the price of your house will not fall.

On the other hand, if you need the funds as soon as possible, it is better to fix the price of normal so that your home sold fast and you can get the needed funds.

Want to stay where the future?

This is an easy question but it is quite confusing to those who have to make choices. How is your own? There’s a good idea before you officially sell your home, look for the area and a new house where you live will be. Make sure that you have a down payment for your new home that are not taken. If you sell the house suddenly and has no plans to stay where the future, it is advisable to stay in the homes of relatives in advance. It would be very useful to prevent expenditure not tertuda if you choose to rent a house, boarding house, or apartment. Yup, if you do this, the money from the sale of your home can be reduced because they have to pay rent. What if there are no relatives in the city where you live? Ask the maximum deadline of one month to the buyer of your home until you find the location and the perfect place to stay.

Used for any money home sales?

Answer this question only you know. In general, the money from the sale of the house is used for various purposes. There used to purchase a much larger home, nothing to increase business capital, to pay the debt, capital of marriage, and so forth. Whatever the purpose of the money, make sure that you do not use them carelessly. This means that you should use it for positive purposes instead of for the purpose weird or negative, such as to buy drugs or illegal weapons, gambling, finance acts of terrorism, and other bad things.

For this reason it is advisable to think twice before selling your home. If you really want to do this, be sure to plan well so that you do not bother yourself later. Hopefully this information is useful for you.

Has a two-story house is the desire of people by having two-story house, of course, makes the house look nicer. Create a two-story house is perfect for you who have limited land. By creating a two-story house, of course, takes the stairs as a liaison between the 1st floor to the second floor or in other floor. The existence of the stairs is very important in addition to the access road to the next floor, the stairs also to create better homes especially for you who have a minimalist home. By having an important role stairs to the house, of course, when deciding to use the stairs, not the origin you select. Just choose the stairs are not only harmful but also makes the existence of the house does not look nice and narrow. Therefore, when you decide to use the stairs, it’s good to consider everything well. As for who should be considered by you when using the staircase is.



Which should be considered by you the first time when using the staircase on the material. There are many materials used to make the staircase. Some use wood, cement, ceramics, and so forth. To make your family members feel comfortable passing through the ladder, the ladder should select good quality materials. Although the use of good-quality ladder is quite expensive, but safety is an important thing to be taken care of first. Therefore, choose a material that is a good ladder. Especially at home you have a family member who was a child. For that reason, avoid using stairs are made from slippery, because it can make people slip.


In addition to household materials, you also have to consider the size of the household. If your house is a minimalist home, of course, not possible to install stairs open with a large size. Therefore, before you decide to use the stairs it is better to find out beforehand how much your room. If your room is small and use the stairs to the large size, of course, will not be good. Besides not nice to look at, it also can make the home atmosphere became hot, because of the large size of the household is not in accordance with the size of the existing space. In addition to be aware of the size of the size of the stairs, you also have to note the gauge of the distance between the stair risers with one another. To make your family members feel comfortable using the ladder it’s good to make a gauge of stairs is not so much between the rungs of the second and subsequent.


Stairs inside the house not only serves as a means for access to the next floor. Ladder also has artistic value to make part of the house look nicer and luxurious. Therefore, the problem of the model is also important to consider when deciding to use the stairs. Look for a model that can support the ladder part of your home look nicer. If the limited space of your home, then you can use the versatile ladder can to keep items such as shoes. By doing so, you not only get a good model of the stairs but also unique. When deciding on the stairs a good model, unique and luxurious look, you should still pay attention to the quality of the ladder itself.

Decided to use the stairs of the house, you should not be tempted by any staircase models. However, you must pay attention to the quality of the stairs itself for the safety of the people you care about.

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